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Allsorted set to debut at Top Drawer

Allsorted, a new gift book and stationery distribution business for the UK and Eire will be unveiled at Top Drawer and Spring Fair.

The new business is an offshoot of Helen Exley Gift Books, which was formed in 1976 by Helen and Richard Exley, and has become the market-leading publisher of giftbooks across Europe. Allsorted will be headed up by son, Lincoln Exley, who has been with the family business for 27 years and will share the current Exley sales and customer service team, plus systems and warehousing.

Allsorted aims to be a one-stop-shop for gift books and gift stationery and other complementary paper gift product. Some of the products will be exclusive to Allsorted such as DesignWallas, an upscale range of notebooks and stationery imported from India with beautiful fabric finishes and Fliptomania, from the USA, an eclectic and unique range of flip books.  Other products will include the best of the best bought in from a variety of publishers and manufacturers such as Posh Puzzles, Edward Monkton books, Liberty stationery, Kimmidolls stationery, and Helen Exley Giftbooks.

Allsorted's key selling point is that retailers can source best-selling products from multiple publishers and manufacturers with just one order - one delivery, one invoice, one payment and you are ‘all sorted’.

Lincoln Exley (right) told GT: "There is a tremendous opportunity to build a great business.  For our retail customers, it is easier for them to deal with fewer suppliers and still be able to offer a fantastic portfolio of products plus some items that are really fresh and different and some that are tried and tested.  For our suppliers, we offer a professional cost effective way of marketing and selling their products out to lots of different sales channels that they just can’t seem to get to, despite their very best endeavours.  It’s a win/win!”

Through October and in early November select products have been sold in to select existing Helen Exley Giftbooks customers in a ‘soft launch’ for Allsorted.

“The reaction has been fantastic considering that none of our existing customers new what was coming," said Lincoln Exley. "And given that most retailers had spent their budget and allocated space for other things, we wrote more business than we thought possible, with re-orders coming through thick and fast already.  Early indicators point towards significant growth for 2011!"

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