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Takkoda links up with Art House

Animal humour publisher, Takkoda, has commissioned designs from the Art House Meath charity for a new range of cards.

The Art House Meath is the artist’s studio attached to the Meath Eplilepsy Trust, a residential home looking after 70 adults living with severe epilepsy and learning difficulties. All of the designs are created in sessions run by art instructors and the resulting artwork is screen-printed in-house.

“We were keen to work with Art House and commission bespoke work from them for a new animal-themed range,” says Takkoda co-founder Kate Polybank. “The artists there work in a very collaborative way so everyone has a chance to do something depending on their skills. So some of the artists do the outlines, others do the colouring in and someone else has done the words, which makes it an interesting process for us because sometimes the text is written on a different piece of paper and even written by a different person altogether.”

Each of the 12 new cards planned will namecheck the artists who were involved in the design on the reverse.

“What we’re trying to be is as sympathetic as possible to the work the Art House artists have created,” adds Kate.

Ten per cent of sales for the range will go back to the charity.

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