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UK pet lovers set to spend £146m on gifts

Pet owners across the UK are set to spend over £146* million pounds on cards and gifts for their furry friends this Christmas, a new survey revealed today.

From the 2,000 Brits surveyed, over half are planning to buy at least one gift for their pet this year and over 15% will send their pet a Christmas card.

On average Brits will spend £10.73 on presents for their pets and £1.47 on a Christmas card; only 1p less than they’re prepared to spend on cards for close friends and family!  The poll, conducted by the Greeting Card Association, also highlighted that around 12% of people expect to receive a Christmas card from their pet (albeit via a partner) in return!
And it’s not just our cash that we’re willing to spend either. Over a third of Brits are planning to spend hours (if not days or weeks) searching for the perfect Christmas card or gift for their pet. One in four even confessed that they’d rather buy a present for their pet than a colleague or distant relative.
Sharon Little, Chief Executive of the Greeting Card Association, who commissioned the survey of 2,000 Brits, said:
“Christmas time is when we really connect with family and friends. We’ve always been a nation of animal lovers and it’s great to see that, even in the current climate, we haven’t lost our sense of humour or caring nature when it comes to our four-legged friends.
“Animals on cards have always been a winner – but sending cards to our animals seems to be the latest craze and it’s really taking off. During Valentine’s Day 2010, some retailers reported that cards for pets outsold those for husbands or wives in a number of locations and this looks set to continue into Christmas.
“Not only has this survey confirmed our thoughts on the market but it also made for very interesting reading too! We were particularly surprised to read that one in five people would rather spend Christmas Day with their pet than with their in-laws!  However, as the research shows, pets are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, our families and now even our Christmas card lists!”
The most pampered pets are shown to be dogs with 70% of the nation deeming it acceptable to buy Christmas cards and gifts for our canine chums. Next in the polls were cats at 51%, horses at 24%, rabbits at 18% and hamsters, mice and guinea pigs coming fifth at 16%.
On Christmas Day itself, almost half of the nation’s pets will enjoy a Christmas dinner with 3% of pets actually joining the family to eat their meal!  Over a quarter (27%) of pets will have their own stocking this year and when it comes to the contents, the most popular gift choices that pets will receive are:
  • ·         Food treats (76%)
  • ·         Toys (65%)
  • ·         Bedding (19%)
  • ·         Clothing and Jewellery (14%)
  • ·         Gadgets (4%)
Interestingly, although 85% of cards are bought by women it’s men that are more likely to send their pet a Christmas card this year with women more likely to buy the gifts. However, as far as gifts are concerned men are more generous, planning to spend more than women when it comes to gift shopping.

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