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Rare Victorian cards to be auctioned

A rare hoard of Victorian Christmas cards has generated international interest as they are prepared to go to auction.

The cards, dating back to the 1880s, were discovered by auctioneer Charles Hanson who features on BBC One's Bargain Hunt.
"Apparently the cards and decorations had been found in the attic of the townhouse in the 1970s with an image of an unidentified lady we believe the cards were addressed to," said Mr Hanson.
"They typically represent good eating and drinking, the two elements of a Victorian Christmas alongside the religious significance."
There are 74 cards in the collection, which were addressed to Emily and Jack.
"They don't appear to have suffered from damp and are in good condition," added Mr Hanson. "The lot conjures up in my mind the delights of a Victorian Christmas with a roaring open fire and a splendid Christmas lunch.
"Perhaps in the future we should save our cherished cards for a few years rather than consign them to the bin."
Mr Hanson added: "We expect interest in the lot from many collectors worldwide, though we hope the public will find time to view the quality and intricacy of the early charming Victorian Christmas card."

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