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Asda attacks WHSmith over stationery prices

A row has broken out between the multiples with a major supermarket spurring on a high street stationer to enter a price war.

The gloves are off as Asda has said it sets out to ‘teach WHSmiths a math’s lesson on back-to-school stationery prices’. The supermarket giant launched it’s attack on WHSmith for back to school stationery essentials, including calculators, pens, pencils, flexible rulers, ringbinders, notebooks and pads.

According to ASDA, a price comparison carried out this month revealed that on a basket of 20 like-for-like products, Asda came in more than 50% cheaper than WHSmith.

David Walker, stationery expert at Asda said: “The cost of buying a basket of essentials from the UK’s most famous stationers is double the price you’d pay at Asda. We are amazed at the difference in price between our back-to-school essentials and those offered by WHSmith.  With household budgets under intense pressure it is essential that shoppers are able to buy affordable supplies for the children before they head back to school.”

Looking at the most basic stationery item, the plain pencil with an eraser at the end, Asda are offering a 24-pack for £1 and WHSmith are offering a 9-pack for £1.41 – in other words less than half the amount for a 40 percent higher price – or three times the price pro-rata.

WHSmith has hit back saying that Asda survey does not compare like for like products or prices.

A spokesperson for WHSmith said: “Based on our analysis we believe the product and price comparisons stated by Asda are simply not comparable.  WHSmith prices stated are not current in-store promotional prices and there is a distinct differentiation in quality across all products, with WHSmith products being of superior quality.”
Asda says it is committed to taking a lead on affordable stationery to reduce pressure on household budgets in the back-to-school period.

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