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Carte Blanche Acquires Hotchpotch

One of the UKs leading card publishers, Carte Blanche Group has bought Hotchpotch Publishing Limited for an undisclosed sum.

Hotchpotch, founded in the mid 1990’s and based in Hampton, Middlesex has developed a strong portfolio of high quality innovative contemporary product available to Independents, selected multiples and internationally through a network of distributors.

Hotchpotch  Managing Director and owner Paul Steele, commented on the deal and said: “We’ve developed a truly differentiated range of contemporary cards and I look forward to working alongside the Carte Blanche team to significantly grow Hotchpotch sales.”

Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd is one of the most profitable global character brand company companies in the greetings industry and says it will strengthen its market position with the acquisition.

Chief Executive Officer of Carte Blanche, Roger Murphy said: “We are delighted to have completed this deal with Paul Steele. Hotchpotch is a great business and we are privileged to own the Hotchpotch brands alongside our existing Carte Blanche portfolio.

“The move gives us representation over a broader base and allows us to speak with authority to our customers about all the things we can do for them. Hotchpotch is already strong in multiples like John Lewis and Waitrose and they will now have the chance to use the scale of the Carte Blanche Group to further develop their business and raise their profile.

“This demonstrates our commitment to continuing to be the first choice provider of leading brands to our customers in all channels.”

It is thought that the buy-out will not result in major physical changes at Hotchpotch headquarters. Roger Murphy added, “As with our acquisition of Wishing Well, Hotchpotch will still retain their own identity. They will still continue from their creative base in Hampton to retain their own DNA and it is our intention to nurture their creative output.”

Carte Blanche see the move as one of a happy extended family.  Hotchpotch sits well alongside Carte Blanche’s renowned industry brands including Me to You, My Blue Nose Friends, Violent and Vivacious Veg and the recently acquired Wishing Well and Lello brands. As Roger Murphy puts it: “We believe that this acquisition is a great compliment to our portfolio, especially alongside Wishing Well. Hotchpotch’s quirky humour range with the finger puppets is like a first cousin to Violent Veg.”

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