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TV in your card, anyone?

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a moving picture could be worth even more. A new UK company is enticing businesses to go beyond the realms of traditional marketing and promotions with their latest TV in a Card concept.

TV in a Card is the brainchild of Russell Lawley-Gibbs and Robert Green. A standard video card is A4 size and opening the cover reveals a 4.3-inch, 320 x 240 resolution, 16:9 aspect LCD display powered by a custom board with built-in storage for about 30 minutes of video footage. Each card has speakers and headphone jack, and the Li-ion battery lasts about 1.5 hours before needing to be charged via the included USB port.

The card makers have a two strand approach to the TV in a Card launch.  They will initially target a corporate audience but are close to launching a consumer website for people to design their own cards.

At a cost of around £55 per card it are more suited to corporate promotional uses than birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs. However, founder Russell Lawley Gibbs believes that the cards will be good for special occasions.   He said: “This is brand new technology and is only about 2 months old.  At the moment we are talking to advertising agencies for corporate promotions.  However there is a large market for greetings cards and we see them working well for things like wedding videos or new baby announcements”.

However the company behind the product say that it could also meet the needs of consumers wishing to send a special video keepsake to distant loved ones, musicians looking to give something extra to fans or training institutions wanting to engage students with more than just written instruction.

TV in a Card says that customers can take care of folder layout design matters themselves and supply their own video or work with the company's own designers, who can undertake all aspects of design and manufacture, including video production via the company's in-house studio. The product is flexible and configurable, with options like design-specific packaging and card sizes start at A5 (210 x 148 mm).

Business customer pricing will depend on requirements and quantity, with pre-fitted components available to larger agencies who can do the printing and design themselves. Video content can be managed via USB connection to a PC or Mac.

If required, battery and storage capacity can be increased to allow for upto 4.5 hours of video. Customers can opt to have the video auto-start when the card is opened or manual control buttons. It is also possible to load several MPEG, MOV or AVI format videos into one TV in a Card folder, which can be set to automatically play one after the other in order or be individually selected by the user.

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