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Clinton set for Birthdays Ireland liquidation

According to reports, Clinton Cards is set to place its Birthdays Ireland chain into liquidation.

In a statement, the greetings cards retailer said: “All of the Clinton Cards stores and Birthdays UK stores currently operated by Clintons are unaffected and will continue to trade as normal.”

During a recent profits warning, Clinton Cards said it had been struggling with its Birthdays division in the Republic of Ireland for some time, with all 14 stores reportedly making a loss.

In October last year Clinton Cards said Ireland was under review. At the same time it stated that in the 10 weeks to October 10, like-for-likes rose 5.4% at its Birthdays UK arm, but slumped 15.5% at Birthdays Ireland.

Managing director Clinton Lewin said at the time that the economic situation is “probably even worse” in Ireland than the UK, and that the retailer is still “looking at all the options we have”, which included exiting the country.

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