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Royal Mail in saucy stamps ban

A series of suggestive images for Royal Mail stamps designed by British humour postcard publisher, Bamforth & Company, have been culled by Royal Mail from a new stamp collection.

A ‘Smilers’ limited edition of 200 sets of ten stamps with Bamforth postcard designs was planned to celebrate the centenary of Bamforth cards aimed mainly for collectors. However, seven of the ten cartoons put forward have been rejected by the Royal Mail as the images are deemed to be too rude.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said: "Smilers allow customers to personalise their post by combining one of their own photos with a Royal Mail stamp.
"There are a number of restrictions on images which can be used on Smilers stamps, including images which may be deemed offensive or depict full or partial nudity."

It’s a case of bad news makes good publicity for Bamforth as the row has raised awareness of the already successful licensing campaign managed by JELC, the global licensing agent for the Bamforth Vintage Collection.

Janet Woodward, Director of JELC, says: “We were a bit surprised at the ban. These cards are, after all, a part of British history, just as much as musicals, railways, wildlife, Carry On films and the many other themes that have graced special stamp editions in recent years.  Plus the Royal Mail and the GPO before it must have earned millions of pounds in postage from Bamforth postcards being mailed from seaside holidays, not to mention overseas during both World wars to men on the front line from their families. Luckily, we do have a few thousand more for the Royal Mail to consider.”

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