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FSC promotes sustainable card publishing

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has launched a new factsheet for greeting card retailers with the aim of making it simpler to get FSC certification.

Paper use is escalating throughout the world, despite attempts to limit it though the use of internet and paperless offices.  With in excess of a billion cards being sold each year, the greeting card sector is a significant user of board and paper in the UK.

Forest destruction continues at an alarming rate.  Every 2 seconds, an area of ancient woodland the size of a football pitch is destroyed. This equates to an area size of the Lake District being decimated in less than week causing colossal damage to wildlife habitats for and ecological systems.

The FSC offers a solution which enables publishers to demonstrate through independent certification, that the paper products or sell or use come form well managed sources and excluded the risk of using illegally logged timber or funding conflict.  It also gives options for maximising the use of post-consumer recycled paper.

Greeting card publishers can apply for their own certification and either outsource their printing or print in-house.

Holding FSC certification means that a publisher is free to source their own FCS board and to use any printer (certified or uncertified) to complete print jobs under an outsourcing policy. Certified publishers can apply their own license number in the FSC label.

Consumer awareness of what the FSC is also increasing.  Over half of under 45 year olds have seen the FSC logo, and a nationwide consumer advertising campaign is helping to educate the public on what the logo stands for.

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