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Carbon-neutral is all wrapped up

DPD offers eco-friendly delivery at no extra cost

ALL parcels sent via DPD will now be shipped carbon neutral at no extra charge to the customer.

Total Zero is DPD’s new carbon neutrality commitment and applies to all domestic and international shipments from the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, BeneLux and Switzerland.
“It came about because, as a company, we wanted to take responsibility and reduce our impact on the planted,” said Dwain McDonald, DPD’s CEO in the UK.
“I’m sure our customers will be delighted to know we are now delivering carbon-nmeutral parcels at no extra charge.”
The Total Zero commitment is achieved by measuring emitted carbon, reducing the carbon produced by DPD – called insetting – and subsequently carbon offsetting.
DPD’s parent company GeoPost will offset non-avoidable CO2 emissions - initially 550,000 tonnes for the year - through a series of accredited offsetting projects chosen in partnership with well-known French offset partner CDC Climat.
These include international projects such as reforestation in Columbia or introducing biodigesters to rural farming communities in Cambodia, alongside European-based initiatives.

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