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Arctic Paper shares extensive knowledge

COMMUNICATION is the key to ensuring the best print quality, so Arctic Paper is about to share its extensive knowledge.

The Art Workshop – The Munken Guide To Uncoated Paper is intended to be a Bible for choosing and printing on uncoated paper.
Launched this month, the 100-page tome covers all the questions that could arise in the production process such as the paper feel, shade, bulk and texture along with technical considerations such as life-span, image reproduction, and environmental objectives.
The Guide is available in English and Spanish at 19 euro (£15.25) divided into four sections dealing with paper, repro, printing and post-production and is a journey through all the phases in the printing process.
Garry Colyer, Arctic Paper UK Managing Director, said: "The Guide will deepen people's knowledge on how to handle uncoated paper to achieve the desired result. This covers everything from the most basic to the most advanced, and includes new and updated information.
“We know it will be appreciated and used frequently for reference in discussions between printers and their clients.”

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