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Ho ho ho from police

Card bid to reform criminals

A FESTIVE message is landing on the doormat of prolific criminals in a British Columbia city as the police department hopes to persuade them to reform.

The card with Abbotsford police chief Bob Rich dressed as Santa in tactical gear, complete with machine gun, has been sent to up to 100 repeat offenders and says: “Which list will you be on next year?"
Inside it reads: "We believe it is never too late to make a better choice for your life. For the sake of your family and for your own sake, consider 2013 the year you choose a new and better life."
The same card with a different greeting is being sent as the department’s regular festive missive in the city 40 miles east of Vancouver which ranked as Canada’s top per capita murder capital in 2008 with 11 homicides, all gang and drug-related.

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