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Feeling festive

Those Christmas cards are definitely on their way

THE feast of card-writing that was Festive Friday really caught the imagination of folk in the greetings industry so, with an extra photo just landing in the GT inbox, it seemed like a great opportunity for a recap.

As Love From Lemonade said, better late than never, they couldn’t make the actual day but they’ve made up for it now so the girl with frizzy hair, the lady who likes pretty flip-flops and the man with the red nose joined their girls to write their cards.
Greetings Today editor Tracey Bearton also managed to complete her own personal Christmas card list last night despite her hubby putting her address book somewhere so safe it can’t be found.
With thanks to the Greeting Card Association and chief executive Sharon Little for coming up with the Festive Friday idea, here are Abacus Cards, Alice Palace, The Art File, Blue Eyed Sun, the GCA’s event, Handcrafted Card Co, K2 Greetings, Love From Lemonade, Phoenix Trading and the cutest picture of four generations at Ryland Studios.

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