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Winter is wonderful

Charity cards sell out to support mountain rescue

A WINTER wonderland certainly paid off for Nina Kathryn Claridge and the Lake District Search And Mountain Rescue Association as her charity cards have sold out.

In just two months the whole stock has gone, raising £460 for the lakeland charity which makes the national park a safer place.
“Each year I produce a new line of winter cards,” Nina said, “this year I feld it would be a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and support a local charity.
“My work captures images of the always beautiful but often hazardous elements of the Lake District so working with the Mountain Rescue people is a very natural partnership.
“I’d like to thank our buyers and the public whose outstanding support meant that we sold out within two months.
“I’d also like to give a special thank you to Booths Supermarket who elected to share the contributions for every card they sold. Plans are already afoot for the next range for 2014 – I think we need to print a bigger run!”

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