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Spotted on the Street

Interest soars for Paul’s red kite card

A RED kite was spotted on London’s leading daily lifestyle newsletter Emerald Street when the 80,000 subscribers got to see printmaker and designer Paul Farrell’s greetings cards.

The recent acclamation saw a sharp spike in interest for Paul when Emerald Street hand-picked his Red Kite design to lead their birthday card feature.
The notoriously stylish editorial team praised his use of “eye-popping” colour and “interesting silhouettes” with the foil-blocked bird in clashing bold orange gloss against bright pink A6 recycled card.
The featured design is part of the Foiled Birds collection born out of Paul’s love of nature and includes a host of feathered friends in bold and bright colour combinations including woodpeckers, mallards, blackbirds, blue tits, peregrines, crows and seagulls.

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