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Regimental WW1 cards show black humour and stiff upper lip

ICONIC regimental greetings cards sent back to Britain by soldiers serving in the First World War have gone on display at York Castle Museum highlighting the pride and humour from the front.

Some of the quintessentially British images include a bomb captioned Somme Pudding and alcohol deliveries while another featured a snowy view from a German prisoner of war camp as they were issued as propaganda to try to persuade the families that the internees were being treated fairly.
Faye Prior, collections facilitator at York Museums Trust, told the Daily Mail: “Regimental cards were not new to the First World War, but the growth of the regiments and the recruitment of Kitchener’s new armies meant the market for regimental cards grew exponentially.
“These cards often portrayed the dark humour and stiff upper lip attitude which were strongly associated with British trench warfare. In both cases the cards portrayed images that each side wanted to be put into the public domain.”
The 100-year-old cards were professionally printed and sold to soldiers all over the world.

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