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Facebook connections

Network's changes may lead to a shake-up in how retailers use it for marketing

CHANGES to Facebook may mean retailers need to alter the way they way they market their goods on the social networking platform.

Facebook have altered their algorithm to remove promotional posts which Steve Rivers, CEO of Intelligent Reach, said is down to consumers’ dislike of advertising on their favourite social networks.
Steve, whose company connects online retailers’ products with their consumers for clients including House Of Fraser, Argos, Halfords and SuperDry, said: “Marketing a product on Facebook gives retailers an opportunity to share their goods with a vast audience – but is it appropriate? The short answer is, it depends.
“Today’s retailers obviously need to be everywhere that their customers are looking for their products – and that includes social media. However, this activity should never be intrusive and must be appropriate for the target audience.
“The recent change to Facebook’s algorithm to remove promotional posts no doubt stems from consumers’ dislike of advertising on their favourite social networks.
The nature of Facebook means that users don’t want to be sold to blindly. They are much more likely to give consideration to products that actually mean something to them – either because their peers have ‘liked’ or shared this type of content, or as the result of sophisticated behaviour analysis and profiling on the part of the marketer.
“Regardless of whatever changes Facebook decides to make, there is no sense in bombarding consumers with product marketing if they are not receptive to the message. Consumers are sophisticated and retailers would achieve greater consideration by sharing

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