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Everyone’s jumping on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bandwagons

WITH £360,000 expected to be spent every minute during today’s Black Friday sales, according to Visa, and a further £281million forecast for Cyber Monday, the biggest day for online shopping, greetings publishers and retailers have been getting on board.

Dean Morris has used Facebook to announce a 30 per cent discount for online orders over the whole four-day period admitting: “I’m jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon and it’s rolling all the way through to Cyber Monday.”
Five Dollar Shake have taken to Twitter to mention their half-price event, as have Cracker Cards and Mrs L Cards who each offer 20 per cent discount, while The Writing Bureau's Jo Brierley is giving 30 per cent off personalised artwork.
A number of the big retailers’ websites have already crashed today under the strain of would-be bargain hunters, with Sky News and Mail Online reporting Boots, Argos, Currys and Tesco Direct sites going down for some time while some of the big bricks and mortar stores have been besieged and had to close for safety reasons.
Steve Rivers, CEO of Intelligent Reach who online retailers’ products with their consumers, added: “The upcoming super Weekend of Black Friday, Sofa Sunday and Cyber Monday forms the start of the build-up to the busiest period for online retailers.
“To maximise this opportunity, retailers need to consider both the offering and accessibility of products.This means ensuring products are everywhere that consumers are looking – rather than expecting busy shoppers to seek them out – in a format they expect and in the right language, whilet also making sure offers are competitive when price sensitivity is heightened.
“Especially important during the busy Christmas period, retailers should consider discounting at a product level rather than offering blanket discounts across the entire product catalogue; such approaches can often result in unnecessarily reducing margins where a retailer may have already been the best priced.
“Other vital factors for a successful festive trading include stock availability, customer ratings and delivery dates which all form a key part of the buying process.
“Ultimately, while avoiding getting swept along in the discount frenzy this Christmas, careful planning combined with accessibility will help retailers take full advantage of heightened consumer spending.”

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