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Enjoy writer’s cramp

Knuckling down as Festive Friday kickstarts card-sending season

WRITER’S cramp should be the complaint of the day as the greetings industry knuckles down to the GCA's second annual Festive Friday to kick-start this year’s Christmas card sending season.

Lemons the rabbit got into the mood early at Love From Lemonade by scoffing 26 mince pies and writing all his cards yesterday.
And it made young Lemons feel all festive which is paying off for the publishers’ customers with a nice little Christmas present of 20 per cent discount during November.
Here at Greetings Today we’re busy penning our Xmas missives and we’d love to hear all about your efforts, so please do email your pictures and Festive Friday information about to and we’ll share them online and upload them to our Facebook page.

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