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Personal Santa message

UKG partner with PNP service to bring magic of Christmas into physical world


UK GREETINGS have partnered with UGroupMedia, producer of online personalised Santa video and call service Portable North Pole, to launch a series of greetings cards that brings the magic of Christmas into both the physical and virtual world.

The PNP Santa personalisation video and call experience is now in its eighth year and has delivered online messages to more than 100million people across the world since launch.
For 2015, PNP greetings cards are available in 14 different designs including sister, daughter and friend and each card is sent with a unique code to give the recipient access to their very own personalised video message from Santa.
The cards launched on November 9 in more than 800 Tesco stores across the UK offering a new tech-savvy spin on the favourite British tradition of getting a message from Santa.
Alex Berard, President at UGroupMedia, said: “We’re very excited about the launch of the new PNP greetings cards.
“The online service has captured the hearts of parents and children across the world so to now have a physical product that can be used to deliver a personalised message from Santa is very exciting. What better way to show a loved one that you care this Christmas, than with a hand written message from yourself and a video message from the main man himself.
“This 2015 roll-out represents a whole host of opportunities within the greeting area for seasons to come and starts off an expansion into television and many other licensing areas for the property.”

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