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Stock up in September

ONS data shows Christmas is busiest time for making babies

RETAILERS wondering when to stock the most birthday cards can check out the latest Office For National Statistics interactive graphic below which reveals a peak in late September.

The birth data for England and Wales has been used to look at trends for the most and least popular birth dates over the past two decades and shows that more babies are conceived around Christmas than any other time of the year.
September 26 – which falls 39 weeks and two days after Christmas Day – has seen the most births over the last 20 years with an average of 1,974 and famous names who share the date include poet TS Eliot, TV presenter Anne Robinson, tennis star Serena Williams, singer Bryan Ferry, writer Will Self and actress Olivia Newton-John.
With eight of the top 10 dates at the end of the month and the other two in early September, the ONS report said: “Part of the reason for this increase in births could be due to couples planning to have children at the start of the school year.
“If births were evenly distributed throughout the year we would expect on average 1,800 births each day. But the average number of births on September 26 was around 2,000.
“England and Wales is not the only country to have seen this trend. Similar analysis using data for New Zealand and the US shows a larger number of babies born in September.”
The lowest average was Boxing Day with 1,359 births as, contrary to the saying, only eight days since 1995 have seen “one born every minute” at 1,440 babies coming into the world on that day – on average a baby has been born every 48 seconds over the past 20 years.

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