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Only the ‘best-in-class’ UK licensees for Ghostbusters!


A MULTI-MILLION dollar marketing campaign will support the roster of “best-in-class” licensees who have already signed up for the major new Ghostbusters movie.

Due for release in July 2106, recent signings include Danilo for calendars, cards and wrap, Centum Books (publishing), Brand Alliance (children’s and adults’ t-shirts and sweatshirts), BC International and Poetic Gem (adult nightwear, underwear and loungewear), Branded Distribution (3D lights), Hancocks and Kinnerton (confectionery), and Finsbury Foods (celebration and seasonal cakes).
Independent licensing company Rocket Licensing were appointed by Sony Pictures Entertainment to manage the UK and Ireland licensing programme for the Ghostbusters brand, and said these show accelerated growth in UK licensee signings ahead of the release of the new movie.
They join an already-powerful 23-strong UK licensee list that includes categories such as entertainment plush, gifts, skateboards, babywear, socks, robes, gift and novelty items and posters, as well as global master licences for toys (Mattel), plush (Underground Toys) and dress-up (Rubie’s Masquerade).
Rob Wijeratna, Rocket’s Joint MD, said: “The confirmed signing of a big roster of best-in-class licensees well before the end of 2015 shows the extraordinary momentum behind a brand that’s as popular today as it was over 30 years ago – and which is about to enjoy an even higher profile as the great new Sony film comes to screens worldwide.”
Along with the sheer strength of the brand and appeal ranging from pre-school to adult, Rob believes the timing of the release will be an important boost for retail as the date takes in both the summer break and back-to-school periods plus a home entertainment release date to capitalise on Q4 activation.
The iconic elements of the original movie – the logo, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Slimer, the Ecto 1 vehicle and the catchphrases – that caught the imagination of millions back in 1984 still enjoy almost universal recognition and will be a strong component in the new version.
Major comedy names Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones star in the latest movie, which will be supported with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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