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Back to the future

‘Nice to see you’ is Artebene's motto for looking ahead to next 30 years

ADJUSTING to the fast-paced world of today to stay fit for the future is how successful businesses keep on top of things, but a birthday can also be taken as an opportunity to remember the past – the hour of birth, the founding of the company

Being established in 1985, Artebene clearly is a child of the 80s as this picture of staff from their recent 30th birthday celebrations shows.
Ilona Bensmann said: “When we look at the designs we created in the early days, it’s like browsing your 80s clothes that you possibly still have – they may be a fond memory, but you can’t imagine yourself wearing them anymore.
“After a brief look back, Artebene have decided to look ahead together with our retailers. During this year’s Paperworld fair in Frankfurt, practical tips for product presentations were shown at a dedicated area.
“With our motto ‘Nice to see you’ we have put those centre stage that we have been working together with in partnership for 30 years – our retailers."

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