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Bob’s a legend

Rediscovered negatives from intimate gig now available for licence

FORTY years after Bob Marley’s legendary show at London’s Lyceum Ballroom, the 72 forgotten negatives capturing that live performance have been rediscovered – and Full Colour Black have the exclusive licensing rights.

The show was attended by just 2,100 people and recorded live by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell with the resulting album becoming one of Bob’s most popular.
The small stage allowed 16-year-old aspiring photographer David Crow to capture some of the best live photos ever of Bob Marley And The Wailers.
But David eventually gave up his photography career and forgot all about his previous work until a large folder of his negatives were unearthed during a house move earlier this year.
Full Colour Black owner Andrew Gallagher, pictured, said: “Full of emotion, power and gesture, these photographs are extremely commercial and now available for use on almost any product or purpose.
“Britain does not recognise a celebrity’s publicity rights after their death so there is no such thing as image rights in English law.”
Andrew explained that the 1984 Legend album still sells more that 250,000 copies every year with much of Bob’s music sold digitally and many songs bought around his February 6 birthday “due to a smart annual campaign launched by his estate called Bob Marley Week”.
He has the second-highest social media following of any posthumous celebrity with nearly 60million Facebook fans and more than one million Twitter followers.

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