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Call of the wild

Latest licensing deals include Pyramid for posters, calendars & stationery

FASHION, style and humour are the blend that brings designs and photography together in the It’s A Wild Life brand which has just had two new names added to the licensing programme.

Global agents Bulldog Licensing have brought on board Pyramid International in the UK and Eire for posters, stationery, mugs, wristbands, badges, stickers, keychains, magnets, postcards, coasters and calendars, while Spanish sub-agent Edebe Licensing have signed Creaciones Euromoda for bedding, cushions and comforters. Created by leading graphic design agency Form Advertising, It’s A Wild Life combines wildlife with uniquely human characteristics and accessories.
The new deals add to an impressive pan-European licensing programme that includes Cabero Group with calendars and diaries, Bagtrotter for backpacks, shopping bags, luggage, pencil cases and diaries, and CCI Shoes with slippers, rain boots, flip-flops and canvas shoes) in France.
In the UK, Bulldog have signed Cooneen for nightwear and underwear, Misirli for hosiery and socks, VMC for accessories, Yoofiti for wall art and Spearmark for a range that includes lunch bags, mugs, travel cups and bottles. “It’s A Wild Life just keeps on growing,” said Bulldog Licensing Manager Vicky Hill. “The designs are new and fresh and really stand out on shelf, which is why licensees across Europe are queuing up to get involved with this red hot property.”

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