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Spare a thought for dads

BBC chap’s humorous take on Father’s Day card woes

IT’S TOUGH being a dad – and Father’s Day cards with golf, whisky drinking, cars and Homer Simpson are a big part of it, according to the BBC’s Charles Nevin.

In a personal piece on the corporation’s news magazine website yesterday (June 21), the big day itself, Charles gave his humorous assessment of the situation: “You don't complain much, being a dad, but the job is not what it was.
“We've moved on from the simple certainties of main provider, secondary carer and stern dispenser of wisdom gained at cost out there in the school of hard knocks.
“Dads now have also to muster varying degrees of the hands-on and crying-shoulder thing – to get up close, personal and sympathetic while maintaining the respect necessary to impose the occasional unpopular decision, like time for bed or a mean unfeeling refusal to allocate resources to another absolute essential without which life simply isn't worth living, usually shiny.
“Father's Day provides every dad with his own annual assessment, to which we look forward eagerly despite our usual protestations about a confected event driven by nakedly commercial imperatives and that sort of stuff.
“I am aware of suggestions that dads might be a little envious of what they take to be a rather greater fuss made about, ah, Mother's Day. This is certainly not the case with any dad known to me, however slightly.
“Dads appreciate any gesture, any token of appreciation. But there is one tiny note of dissatisfaction about the big day – the cards.
“I don't think most of our current Father's Day cards properly capture the changes we have made and our valiant struggles to achieve them.”
Charles went on to list his issues with the prevalence of golf cards, “I do think it should be made clear that we do not all play golf”; drinking, “The next one is not always the height of our ambition”, and Homer Simpson, “an amusing fellow who likes a beer, but he doesn't quite stand up as the paternal epitome”.
Sharon Little, chief executive of the GCA, told Greetings Today: “This is a wonderfully funny and touching article highlighting that dads need to feel appreciated, and care just as much about receiving cards as mums.
“Of course I disagree that there is a lack of greeting card choice, as there are plenty of wonderful cards for dads on the market!”

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