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50 years of special stamps commemorated with plaques

PLAQUES are being installed on post boxes to mark the 50th anniversary of the issue of special stamps.

The first one ever issued commemorated Sir Winston Churchill in 1965, and the 50 plaques being installed each feature a stamp connected to the village, town, or city, where the post box is situated, from London and Leeds to Llandudno and Blackpool.
The plaques include Churchill, children’s TV character Bagpuss. Poets Dylan Thomas and Robert Burns, fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, and landmarks such as the Giant’s Causeway and York Minster.
Andrew Hammond, director of stamps and collectibles at Royal Mail, said: “The UK's towns and cities have influenced stamp designs over the past 50 years. At the same time, our iconic red post boxes have formed memorable landmarks across the country since 1852.”
More than 2,600 special stamps have been included in the programme over the past half century years, with every new design approved by the Queen before being issued.

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