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AG win online title for the third year running

AMERICAN Greetings have been named the most trustworthy online retail website for the third year running.

Awarded by the Online Trust Alliance, they evaluated nearly 1,000 websites in this year’s audit and earned the title for safeguarding data via best practices in online security, privacy and consumer protection.
Since the OTA began their online trust audit in 2010, UK Greetings’ parent company have qualified every year for the Honour Roll and were one of only two who were also in last year’s top 10.
The OTA is a non-profit organisation that works collaboratively with industry leaders to enhance online trust, and the annual audit includes leading banks, retailers, social, news, media, government and Internet of Things sites, as well as tracking their members' adoption of best practices.
Of the 500 largest online retailers audited, only 42 per cent qualified for the Honour Roll but that was significantly up on last year's 24 per cent.
“We are honoured to be selected again to the OTA Honour Roll and look forward to continuing this trend,” said Joseph Yanoska, Executive Director of Interactive Operations at American Greetings.
“American Greetings will continue to value security, privacy and trust as the basis on which we build our consumer relationship, and we are committed to maintaining and promoting the OTA directives in these areas.”

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