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Across the miles – 700,000 of them!

68-year tradition sees card travel to the moon and back three times


A FAMILY tradition has seen a Christmas card rack up 700,000 air miles after being posted back and forth between Britain and Australia for 68 years.

The Daily Mail reported the same festive greeting card has been ping-ponging around the world since it was first sent in 1949 by Phyllys Cashin to her brother-in-law and his wife.
Phyllys jotted the tongue-in-cheek message “This is our favourite, so you can send it back to us next Christmas!” on the carol singers design by cartoonist Roland Emett, and this sparked the tradition – which continued when Bob emigrated down under in 1953, with extra pages added to fit seasons greetings each year.
Since her uncle and mum Phyllys died, Elspeth Parry, 67, has picked up the family tradition, sending the card from her home in Mold, north Wales, to her cousin Alan Cashin living in Newcastle, New South Wales, and will be passing the card on to her own daughter Katie, 38.
She told the newspaper: “Mum and dad may have just been joking but Uncle Bob did just as they asked and sent it back the next Christmas, before we knew it, it'd become a bit of a tradition. A new message would be added each year and soon the card started to fill up with festive well wishes.
“I take it seriously and make sure it’s always in the postbox on time – it can take up to two weeks to get to Australia, we’re determined to keep the family tradition going.
'We've added extra pages over the years and they give a lovely insight into the new births, deaths and marriages and special family occasions.
'It's like a step back in time.
“We've figured out the original card has travelled around 700,000 miles, that’s 24 times around the world and three times to the moon!”

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