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Sympathy leaflet offer

Free advice available for greetings retailers to help customers with what to say


A GRIEF recovery service are offering free leaflets to greetings card retailers giving advice to people buying sympathy cards on what to write.

The not-for-profit organisation Grief Recovery Method UK deliver certified educational programmes to support anyone who has been through a loss, and trains others in how to help people.
The company’s most popular blog post on writing sympathy cards was the inspiration behind the new leaflet and the idea for card shops to be able to pass it on to customers, all they ask is for the £3.95 postage for the cost of mailing 100 leaflets to be covered.
MD Carole Henderson said: “We hear all too often about the pain caused by people saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. To help prevent this, our leaflet provides people with the dos and don’ts of what to say.
“Churches, charities, funeral homes, florists, card shops, or other relevant organisations might find the leaflet useful or beneficial for the people they encounter, who are going through a loss themselves, or wish to send messages of sympathy to others.”
The leaflets are available in bundles of 100 and can be ordered via the website for the nominal charge of £3.95 to cover postage. Larger quantities of the leaflet are available on request.

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