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GA’s project best practice

Association’s evolution up in front of judging panel


ONE of the more exciting projects for the Giftware Association team has been their recent entry into the Trade Association Forum Best Practice awards.

CEO Sarah Ward said: “We’ve been very enthusiastic about the evolution of the GA over the past couple of years, and it has been fantastic to finally share that enthusiasm with the TAF judging panel. We don’t know when we’ll hear, but we’ve got our fingers crossed!”
The GA have been a member of TAF, the trade association for trade associations, for many years, and their former CEO Isabel Martinson was its chairman, so they have always been closely involved with it.
Sarah added: “This year we’ve put forward our success in the most recent Gift Of The Year competition, as well as our new branding and website.
“We’re proud of these achievements because they each reflect a cultural shift among our members and within our own team. This is a creative, dynamic industry, and we are reflecting that better each day – or at least, we think so.
“In particular, we’re thrilled by how well the industry engaged with the GOTY competition. It’s the embodiment of the invention and creativity that drives the gift industry, and its growth this year is proof that the creative spark is very much alive and well.”
The short list for the TAF Best Practice awards will be announced in the coming weeks, and the winners revealed at a ceremony in July.

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