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Share your wares on Indie Friday

Just A Card launch creative alternative to Black Friday, and star’s Xmas cards haul hits £11,000


FORGET Black Friday – the Just A Card campaign are encouraging people to take part in their Indie Friday event as a colourful and creative alternative.

And the people behind the bid to encourage everyone to buy just a card to keep independents in business have also announced that their Benedict Cumberbatch Christmas cards have so far raised more than £11,000.
Campaign founder Sarah Hamilton said: “We all want this to be a Christmas where creativity and diversity flourish and thrive. Remember – every sale, even just a card, is vital and valued, so please take part, on November 24, Indie Friday. It’s our colourful and creative alternative to Black Friday.
“Post your work and wares on Instagram and Twitter using the special #JACIndieFriday hashtag. More info will be coming soon, for the moment just mark it in your diary.”
She added: “So far we have made over £11,000 selling our Benedict Cumberbatch Christmas cards – that’s incredible! We’re thrilled the design has been so popular.”
The cards are still available from the website and at the Leaping Hare Gallery & Framers in Easingwold, Yorkshire, with profits going to the UK based children's arts education charity Anno’s Africa who work with youngsters living in poverty in Kenya and Malawi, and a small donation helping towards Just A Card’s costs.
Sarah spoke at the Greeting Card Association’s recent AGM where her appeal for votes to help the campaign’s bid for a £1,000 grant from insurance giant Aviva’s Community Fund saw them reach their target.
She started Just A Card as a social media campaign in 2014 to support locally-based, independent, creative retailers and art galleries across the country by encouraging visitors to buy “just a card” and thereby support the quality, range and number of creative shops and outlets.
Now Sarah has nine volunteers from across the country helping maintain the website, support not-for-profit activities and generally work to enhance the quality and diversity of creative businesses operating in local High Streets across the UK.
The grant will help pay an administrator to coordinate a membership schemes across the network and to pay for the design and distribution of membership stickers to be displayed in participating retailers and galleries.

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