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Annual John Lewis report reveals customers are searching for escapism


ESCAPISM is the key to shopping trends according to the annual John Lewis report which reveals searches featuring the word “unicorn” have rocketed while sales of women’s suits are plummeting.

With unicorns a very popular design on greetings cards, there was a 70 per cent jump in searches for related products as unicorn-branded goods flooded the market – and John Lewis said mermaid-themed products also saw a 22 per cent rise in sales, while pool inflatables jumped 99 per cent.
Retail Gazette reported today, Thursday, October 12, that according to the report last year’s healthy eating trend saw a backlash as searches for spiralizers dropped 53 per cent while sales dropped 40 per cent, but there was a 40 per cent jump in sales for avocado preparation tools, alongside a 25 per cent boost in egg gadgets.
Women’s suits fell out of favour, down 10 per cent alongside a 10 per cent drop in push-up bras as non-padded bra options jumped 20 per cent.
Unexpected trends included bookcases, Rubik’s Cubes, record players and Filofaxes and the retailers predicted that in 2018 men’s shirts and homeware will be donned with bright colours and loud prints.
“How we shop continues to change at pace,” John Lewis director of customer experience Peter Cross told Retail Gazette.
“Five years on, this report is as intriguing as ever – as much for highlighting what we bought as highlighting what we haven’t.”

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