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Library books now available cheese free!

Grate news as Lanther Black go emmental with gouda bookmarks


LANTHER Black have stepped in with a grate idea after a Washington librarian took to Twitter to beg library patrons to stop using cheese as a bookmark.

Her branch in the US city had suffered not one, not two but three instances of books being returned with slices of the dairy delight wedged between the pages.
As bemused social media users began retweeting the appeal, it soon became apparent she wasn’t alone – exasperated librarians from all over the world came forward to share their own discoveries of absurd items being used as page markers. Among them were bacon, broccoli, fried chicken legs, saw blades and the readers' favourite of banana skins. But before you over-brie-act and snap your library card in two, publishers Lanther Black have a solution.
“One thing is clear,” explained co-founder Dominique Miranda, “readers are dissatisfied with the choice of traditional bookmarks available so we realised we needed to churn things up a bit.”
Co-founder Monterey Jack Parker added: 'We believe in a world where everyone has access to a fresh supply of awesome bookmarks. A world where no more cheese will be wasted. Mmmmm cheeeeese!”
Their brand-new bookmark collection of 10 designs featuring their popular Sad Stickman character is available now, RRP £1.99 – they're really gouda and it would be edam shame if you didn't take a look and fetas some into your store.

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