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Brilliant celebrations

Village Candle kick off 25th party at Spring Fair with luxury limited edition product


IT’S THE last day of Spring Fair so get on down to see Village Candle who are in the midst of celebrating their 25th anniversary.

The Maine, New England-based company kicked off their silver celebrations at the show at Birmingham’s NEC, with the luxury limited edition candle True Brilliance as one of the highlights – along with special giveaways for visitors to their stand, 5C42, and they are also a featured brand for Xystos on stand 4H50-J51.
Elegant, luxurious and modern, this special edition candle, presented in custom-made glass embellished with a silvertone top, expresses the company’s dedication to creating deeper, richer and more layered fragrance experiences to share in the years ahead.
“We are looking forward to sharing our brand experience and bring our DNA to life,” said Dana Schwartz, vice-president of brand and ecommerce. “We also seek inspiration from the exhibitors and European market as a whole as we innovate to offer unique and compelling products, more curated and thoughtful in design and premium fragrance experience than ever before.
“Consumers are changing, especially in the way they shop. As a brand we need to be open-minded and meet our distributors, retailers and, ultimately, end-consumers with exciting brand experiences across all shopping channels.”
Jeanne Hulit, president of Village Candle, added: “Spring Fair is our best forum for showcasing an exciting new spring line that is more unique in both colour and fragrance for the brand.
“We are focused on brand building and see the European market as an opportunity to surprise and delight our customers and end consumers with new product introductions that are rooted in bringing beautiful experiences to life.”
Founded in 1993, Village Candle now supply their fragranced candles, gifts and accessories throughout the UK and US as well as more than 32 countries worldwide.
In addition to True Brilliance, there are 14 colours and new fragrances in their latest Shimmering Metallic collection inspired by mood, season and a modern artisan label and look.
And Happi Home is their new six-fragrance home care collection, blended with plant-based ingredients and nature-inspired notes. The collection includes multi-surface cleaner, dish soap, hand soap, hand lotion, room spray and candle inspired by the company’s belief that the fragrances in your life say a lot about your personal style.

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