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Buy British – visit BCTF

Largest collective of UK craft and design with cards galore from 70-plus greetings exhibitors


BRITISH made is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity and there’s one place home, gift and greetings retailers can go to find a great selection – the British Craft Trade Fair.

The fair represents the largest collective of British craft and design in the world, with almost 500 makers exhibiting, many of whom have cards as part of their range.
In addition there will be more than 70 dedicated and highly-skilled greetings card designers – exhibitors to date listed below – and all are geared up to supply trade buyers from the fair at the Great Yorkshire Showground from Sunday to Tuesday, April 8-10.
Established more than 40 years ago the beautifully-presented fair has gone from strength to strength and is a firm favourite with buyers from the greetings, home, gift, and stationery sectors.
And for the third year in a row the Greetings Card Award will be run by Greetings Today, with all card exhibitors automatically qualifying for entry in the hope of emulating initial winners Yoojoo and 2017’s Dilly & Pink.
At BCTF, organisers PSM Ltd bring together the very best of created British art and design and help the buyer make an informed choice on buying British, led by Margeret Bunn who has developed and managed the fair over the last 12 years.
Margeret said: “British craft and design has, over recent years, come of age and is currently very cool with consumers wanting to buy home and gift that is hand made with integrity and passion.
“Our exhibitors have also become far more professional and much of this has come about as a direct result of our mentoring programme ensuring that exhibitors are ready to supply trade buyers.”
Pictured are 2017 Greetings Card Award overall winners Dilly & Pink with their innovative designs, and Snapdragon Designs with their silhouette cards. And Fairy Made Paperart and Artinker are two newcomers worth looking out for.
To register for your free ticket to attend the event, go to

Algan Arts
Anna Martola
Athena Cards
Barbara Karn
Barley Bay
Carol Nunam Printmaker
Catherine Kleeli Carts
Clare Tupper
David Pooley
Dawn Maciocia
Dilly & Pink
The DM Collection
Emily Stracey
Fairies Of Knapwell Wood
Fairy Made Paperart
Faye Stevens
Francesca Simpson Fine Art
Hannah Hann
Hannah Longmuir Arts
Heidi Rhodes Textiles
Jacqueline May
Jane Adams Ceramics
Jane Crick
Janice Daughters Artist & Illustrator
Japanese Papercraft
Jenny Ulyatt
Jill Ray Landscapes
Joanne Wishart
Katie Bell Design
Kerry Jane
Linda Vine Art
Lindsay Norman Art
Lucy Alice Designs
Marie-Therese King
Mary’s House Designs
Perkins & Morley
Rebecca Christian
Rocklesnock Designs
Rosalind White
Rose Of Stitching
Ruth Thorp Studio
Salmon Jam Press
Savannah Storm
Shed On The Fell
Sky Siouki
Snapdragon Designs
Sophie Court Designs
Sophie Cunningham Illustrator
Stacey Moore Art
Suzi Thompson Printmaker
Swifty Bell Designs
The Three Foxes

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