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Feb 14 moves beyond romance

Declarations of love see increase in families celebrating the big occasion


VALENTINE’S Day is moving beyond romance with parents, children, siblings and grandkids now receiving cards and gifts as families are increasingly celebrating the occasion.

According to a national poll on behalf of retail chain Clintons, one in 20 UK adults have sent a Valentine to their child or a parent – although mums get more than dads, with nine per cent of those living in London having sent a card to their mother.
Those aged 45-54 are most like to send a Valentine to their child, with mums twice as likely as dads to do so, but cards between siblings are less common with just one person in a 100 admitting to sending a card to their brother or sister – although 10 per cent of respondents in Northern Ireland said they had done so in the past.
Nicola Miller, head of cards at Clintons, said: “Valentine’s Day has always been about showing your affection towards loved ones. It’s evolved over the years and, for many, it’s another occasion to celebrate those closest to you whether that be mums, dads or siblings.
“Valentines from parents to children are also on the rise and we’ve begun to offer cards for sons, daughters and grandchildren.”
And UK folk are in love with their pets as four per cent of 18-24 year olds admitted sending a card to their furry pal – dogs top the list of those animals most likely to receive a card on February 14.
In terms of the language people use when talking to partners, the same Bilendi omnibus poll of 2,024 UK adults on January 31 found that in the past 12 months “love” topped the list of most popular pet names with 28 per cent using it, and “darling” was a close second with 26 per cent top the list of most popular pet names.
Relatively new words like “bae” and “darl” come at the bottom of the list, favoured by less than one per cent of UK adults.

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