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Cool customer’s hoot tub antics send Robert’s wildlife video viral

FINDING ways to cool off is on everyone’s minds during this fabulous sunny spell – and this cute tawny owl has captured hearts splashing about in his very own hoot tub.

Wildlife artist and greetings card publisher Robert E Fuller caught the footage of the “unprecedented” behaviour showing the nocturnal bird bathing in brilliant sunshine on the surveillance cameras in his North Yorkshire garden.
The owl was first spotted hopping into the pond by visitors to an exhibition at the artist’s gallery in Thixendale last week.
Robert, who shares live images from 40 wildlife cameras in his garden with his gallery visitors, described the owl as splashing itself with its wings and drinking great gulps of water from the pond which he dug out a year ago.
The clip was picked up by BBC Radio before going online, where journalists dubbed the owl as cooling off in a hoot tub -t reached the BBC News Online’s number one top video. It also appeared on Yahoo News and on the Daily Mail.
And since this lone bathing owl went viral, the artist’s cameras captured two owls splashing together in the same hoot tub – giving him plenty more inspiration for his artworks which are then turned into card designs.
“I’ve used surveillance cameras to watch wild animals for my paintings for a number of years now,” Robert said, “and have a lifetime’s experience of watching owls in the wild but this is the most extraordinary behaviour I’ve observed from an owl – in fact I think it’s unprecedented.
“These birds are nocturnal and rarely come out to bathe like this in daylight. But what is particularly unusual is to see a tawny owl drinking. Most birds of prey get their moisture from their food. This bird is really gulping down the water.”
For more videos of the owls enjoying the hoot tub go to Robert's blog at

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