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Take part in our anonymous 30-second online survey on health of gift, greeting and home industry

Create your own user feedback survey IF YOU’RE a greetings, giftware, homeware, or jewellery or greetings retailer – or anything in between – then here at Greetings Today we want to hear from you!

In our annual survey, we want to discover how you view the health of the industry, how consumer confidence is faring, and where you’re finding success in 2018.
So have your say in our 30-second anonymous survey below, and make sure all corners of the gift, greetings and home retail industry are represented – get your voice heard in our anonymous online survey.
To take part, just click here or fill in the survey below.
We will share the results with the industry in the Daily News at the Home & Gift Buyers’ Festival in Harrogate this July. So don’t forget to grab your copy and discover what the industry will be tracking down at this year’s show.

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