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Andy’s a Vaseline convert!

Glasgow indies crowned Scotland’s best gift shop in third triumph of the year


THE wonders of Vaseline and Compeed helped Andy Adamson achieve his aim of walking 100km (62 miles) and turned him into one of JustGiving’s top fundraisers for May.

He has managed to collect £3,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society – way over his initial £2,000 target –following the London2Brighton Challenge in memory of his mum Collette, who suffered from dementia.
Setting off at 9am on Saturday, May 26, Andy was one of 842 who successfully made it to the seaside out of the 1,210 who started the event: “I came in at in 27 hours and 40 minutes which put me at 536,” he said.
“It's not a race, but I do feel good about that and the medal is rather nice. Even more important is that we raised £3,000 including Gift Aid for Alzheimers, which apparently was in the top three per cent of JustGiving fundraising in May.”
Andy, who runs the trio of Calliope Gifts shops in Dorking, Alton and Haywards Heath with business partner and Greetings Today columnist Philip Downer, added: “I discovered the miracle that is Compeed and that you can get chaffing on parts of the body that hadn't seen Vaseline since I was six months old! I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
“It rained for about four hours of the night but, by some miracle. we only had drizzle rather than the lightning storms that were going on all around us, so there were some muddy patches but nothing too bad.
“I was fine for the first 56km, having completed about half a dozen 40-50km walks in training, but my godson who was walking with me was withdrawn at the halfway stage on medical advice as he was battling a bad cold, digestive problems, back pains and about half a dozen blisters.
“Walking through the night was actually rather lovely and I decided not to go under headphones but to just enjoy the stillness of the night and the beauty of an English summer dawn which I hadn't done for some time.
“I was lucky enough to be met by my wife and good friends who sorted out a massage and a meal for me and got me back to London – I was asleep in the car 15 minutes out of Brighton! Incredibly I only had 2 small blisters and some lower back pain which gradually subsided.
“I’ve promised my wife I'll never do another 100k and I mean it. It is an utterly stupid, insane event, but I’m so glad I did it. The people who walk these challenges are incredible. It's a wonderfully supportive and friendly bunch of people and I take my hat off to them. My godson is going to have another go next year though, so I will do a half challenge to help him out.”

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