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May events now in the hundreds as Clintons beef up offer to meet demand


MAY is the big time for newcasions as the latest analysis from Clintons shows these new occasions events number in their hundreds for the fifth month of the year, and they are now beefing up their offer to cope.

Having expanded their Star Wars range to meet demand for last Friday’s May The Fourth Be With You fun, and with plans afoot for a 2019 Ed Balls Day card collection, the greetings retailers have also discovered celebrations this month include World Tuna Day, Golf Month, Paranormal Day, International
Respect For Chickens Day, World Naked Gardening Day, World Laughter Day, Root Canal Appreciation Day, Crouton Day, Drum Month, National Smile Month,
and National Vinegar Month.
Until recently, occasions tended to be confined to religious festivals, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and weddings but, with the advent of social media and fan forums, thousands of newer occasions such as Star Wars Day have started to develop their own history and heritage.
This expansion in commemorative and celebratory days is leading to changes in the offering at Clintons with April 28 designated Ed Balls Day to mark the date the former Shadow Chancellor embarrassed himself by accidentally tweeting his own name.
May The Fourth, now a fixture in the sci fi fans’ calendar for its punning association with Star Wars’ May The Force Be With You slogan, has led to an expanded range of the movie-related merchandise on sale at Clintons.
Nicola Miller, head of cards at Clintons, said: “Traditional occasions are always extremely popular, and our Christmas card range alone extends to more than 1,000 different cards.
“What we’re also seeing, though, is strong sales in blank cards, matched with higher levels of browsing time in the blank cards section as customers look for an appropriate card.
“We’re closely monitoring hashtags on Twitter to get a sense of the moments and offbeat occasions that people are choosing to celebrate. It makes perfect sense for us to think about the possibility of cards and gifts to reflect this enthusiasm and that’s why, as a trial, we ramped up our stocks of Star Wars merchandise in anticipation of May The Fourth.”
Key newcasions in May include:

Arthritis Awareness Month 

Asthma Awareness Month 

Chip Your Pet Month 

Clean Air Month 

Drum Month 

Family Reunion Month 

Food Allergy Action Month 

Gifts From The Garden Month 

Global Civility Awareness Month 

Global Health and Fitness Month 

Golf Month 

Healthy Vision Month 

Home Schooling Awareness Month 

International Audit Month 

International Business Image Improvement Month 

Motorcycle Safety Month 

Mystery Month 

National Allergy Awareness Month 

National Barbeque Month 

National Egg Month 

National Hamburger Month 

National Inventors Month 

National Meditation Month 

National Moving Month 

National Pet Month 

National Salad Month 

National Salsa Month (The Sauce) 

National Smile Month 

National Water Safety Month 

National Vinegar Month 

Personal History Month 

Revise Your Work Schedule Month 

Teen CEO Month 

Tennis Month 

Textile Month 

Young Achievers of Tomorrow Month 

Children's Book Week: May 7-11 

Choose Privacy Week: 1-7 

Drinking Water Week: 6-12 

Flexible Work Arrangement Week: 6-12 

National Raisin Week: 6-12 

National Wildflower Week: 6-12 

National Bike To Work Week: 14-18 

National Etiquette Week: 14-18 

National African Violet Week: 20-27 

National Unicycle Week: 20-26 

National Backyard Games Week: 21-28 

Root Canal Awareness Week: 6-12 

Batman Day: May 1 

Global Love Day: 1 

Hug Your Cat Day: 1 

International Workers Day: 1 

Lemonade Day: 1 

Loyalty Day: 1 

May Day: 1 

National Purebred Dog Day: 1 

New Homeowner's Day: 1 

School Principals' Day: 1 

Skyscraper Day: 1 

Stepmother's Day: 1 

Life Insurance Day: 2 

World Tuna Day: 2 

National Textiles Day: 3 

Paranormal Day: 3 

Star Wars Day: 4 

International Respect for Chickens Day: 4 

International Space Day: 4 

International Sauvignon Blanc Day: 4 

National Life Insurance Day: 4 

Cartoonists Day: 5 

Herb Day: 5 

International Day of The Midwife: 5 

National Auctioneers Day: 5 

National Astronaut Day: 5 

National Homebrew Day: 5 

Revenge of the Fifth (Star Wars Sith): 5 

World Naked Gardening Day: 5 

Lemonade Day: 6 

No Homework Day: 6 

World Laughter Day: 6 

No Socks Day: 8 

Student Nurse Day: 8 

Bike To School Day: 9 

National Sleepover Day: 9 

Receptionists Day: 9 

World Migratory Bird Day: 10 

Eat What You Want Day: 11 

Root Canal Appreciation Day: 11 

Baby Sitters Day: 12 

Hug Your Cat Day: 12 

National Archery Day: 12 

National Miniature Golf Day: 12 

World Belly Dance Day: 12 

Crouton Day: 13 

Hoummus Day: 13 

Accountant's Day or Accounting Day: 14 

National Chicken Dance Day: 14 

National Museum Day: 18 

Morel Mushroom Day: 19-20 

National Rescue Dog Day: 20 

Ride A Unicycle Day: 20 

Sherlock Holmes Day: 22 

World Goth Day: 22 

World Turtle Day: 23 

Brother's Day: 24 

Declaration of The Bab: 24 

International Tiara Day: 24 

Morse Code Day: 24 

National Tap Dance Day: 25 

Towel Day: 25 

National Paper Airplane Day: 26 

Cellophane Tape Day: 27 

National Creativity Day: 30

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