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Plucking good shout-out

Creased say thanks to publishers with new Supplier Of The Month feature


SUPPLIER Of The month is the latest feature from Creased Cards as the Brighton retailers known for their extensive humour offer have decided to give a massive shout out to publishers.

“We pride ourselves on working closely with publishers across the land to get the best cards,” owner Paul Jarman said, “those that can’t be found in all the other run-of-the-mill card shops!
“To highlight the work we do and give a massive shout out to the publishers who, without their creativity, wit, wisdom (and sometimes profanity!) we wouldn’t be the retailers we are today, we’re launching our Supplier Of The Month.”
Each month Creased will feature one supplier on their website, highlighting their products, and Paul added: “To say thanks to them and to all our lovely customers we’ll go one step further, offering a stonker of a discount – 30 per cent off all the featured suppliers’ cards and gifts.”
Pheasant Plucker have the honour of being picked as Creased’s inaugural Supplier Of The Month with their often very cheeky cards from Bournemouth-based Eva and Sara.
“The girls are always coming up with new and creative ways to bring smiles,” Paul said, “with a bit of cheeky innuendo or pushing that line a little further with cards like their best sellers Happy Birthday You Camp Little Sausage, and Happy Birthday You Old Tart.
“They started while Eva was at uni – creating straight-to-the-point cards with, and we quote, ‘usually a gin and tonic in our hands’.
“They range from the silliest of puns to some that are so blunt and rude they’re sure to make you blush when buying them. Perfect for the recipient that isn’t easily shocked, these are plucking good cards to give to that special person!”

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