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Wedding window winners

Faye and team express themselves well in Cherry Orchard competition


THE wonder of weddings has seen Faye Jordan and her team express themselves so beautifully they have come out top in Cherry Orchard Publishing’s window display competition.

Inspired by the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, the publishers organised the contest to encourage independent retailers to get in the spirit and decorate their shops with appropriate cards and gifts.
And Expressions Of Broadstairs owner Faye is now looking forward to sharing the prize hamper with staff at their annual summer barbecue in their Kent hometown to celebrate how their creative design of wedding cards, gifts, balloons, wrapping paper and gift bags earned them top spot.
She said: “We try to change the window every four weeks and always try to make a theme. We’ve now installed a Father’s Day/World Cup window.
“The windows are always a joint effort with the whole team – myself, Gemma, Sharon, Todd, Gary and Katie – however my mum Sharon is normally the one who has the creative idea and we all just do as we are told.
“We’re currently planning our Folk Week and Water Gala window and we’re all really looking forward to these two big exciting Broadstairs August events.”
Cherry Orchard’s Helen Pallen said: “This is another reason why we love independent shops, because they work so hard at making their local towns such wonderful places to be in with all their fantastic window displays and community involvement.”

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