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Can you pick a famous artist?

Charity postcard auction features celebrity artworks to aid medical research


CAN YOU tell your David Cameron from your Simon Pegg? National charity Heart Research UK have launched their fundraiser where anyone can bag a piece of celebrity artwork.

More than 400 works on A5 postcards are up for grabs now in the eBay auction, with each designed by names from the worlds of politics, entertainment, art and sport, including Simon Pegg, Jo Brand, David Cameron, Gillian Anderson, Christine Ohuruogu, Alan Titchmarsh, Nicola Sturgeon, Theresa May, Nick Cave, Ashley Jackson, and Ralph Steadman.
The twist is that all bidders can see the list of artists, and all the pieces are to be exhibited at King’s Place London, on Thursday, November 8, but who designed which piece is being kept under wraps until the Anonymous HeART auction is over on Sunday, November 11.
All monies raised will Heart Research UK’s pioneering medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease, and charity CEO Barbara Harpham said: “It’s not the run of the mill ask from a charity and we like to be different.
“It’s an easy, quirky way to support that has attracted artists from all walks of life, some famous, some not, but all dedicated to tackling heart disease with Heart Research UK.
“We’ve been overwhelmed with the number and scope of the donations ranging from the exquisite to the downright outrageous. The important factor, though, is that only HRUK know who created each artworks. Imagine the delight when you’ve bought your favourite and find out it has a famous name on the back!”
TV presenter and celebrity gardener Alan Titchmarsh said: “Anything that helps to further the understanding and prevention of heart disease gets my vote. I am never pleased with my artwork, but it was fun!
“Raising the profile and encouraging the support of research against heart disease is vital. How else are we going to conquer it?”
Yorkshire watercolourist Ashley Jackson added: “I am extremely proud to be a part of the Anonymous HeART project for it means that we can support heart research through our own creativity, we might not all be surgeons or research scientists but we can all still play our part in raising awareness and funds to ensure we can enable others to live longer and more fulfilled lives.”
To take part in the auction or check out more of the artworks, go to

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