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Paperworld promotes wellbeing

German show's key 2019 trends focus on creating pleasant and healthy atmosphere


WELLBEING is the key word for trends at Paperworld, with the international trade fair for paper, office supplies and stationery focusing on the creation of a pleasant and healthy atmosphere.

Organisers Messe Frankfurt have again commissioned style agency Bora.Herke.Palmisano to pick up on the trends from fashion, architecture and art and adapt them to the world of stationery and office supplies.
The Paperworld Trends area moves to its new home in Hall 3.1 at the showgrounds in Frankfurt for the upcoming show which runs from January 26-29 , showcasing two stationery trends and an office trend for the 2019/20 season with daily guided tours and lectures.
“Against the background of digitalisation and urbanisation, our previous ideas of life and work are changing noticeably. Interestingly, the focus is less on technology than on people,” said Claudia Herke from Bora.Herke.Palmisano.
For stationery the first trend is Urban + Pristine, focusing on high quality and closeness to nature, simple, natural and well-thought out. The inspiration comes equally from Scandinavia and Japan, and makes a bold statement with a balanced and natural colour range from red cedar, fir tree and graphite to jeans, soft wood shades and off-white. Typical materials are oak, walnut, cedar, stone, leather, linen, wool and felt accentuated with weaving and tweed effects.
Claudia added: “The urgent issue of conservation of resources and waste prevention provides the impetus to rethink production and the materials employed, and to develop creative, helpful ideas.”
Graphic + Particular is the second stationery trend, adding a special touch with graphic patterns and colour combinations, giving the theme of gift-giving, packaging and writing a special touch. The predominantly geometric designs are derived from modern architecture and the materials themselves. Characteristic are halftone prints, perforations, lattice structures, prints and collages in an artistic blend. Mint blue, tangerine, pink, taupe and deep anemone blue characterise the creative colour range, while black and white provide additional graphic highlights. The special, modern touch of this trend arises from the gold, bronze and coloured aluminium metallic sheens.
Claudia said: “Micro-patterns, striking graphic motifs and expressive colours - this combination particularly catches our eye in interior and fashion design. Such extraordinary concepts and creations also inspire the paperware and stationery area.”
The Tinted + Flexible office trend combines intelligent room concepts with highly adaptable, modular furniture and work equipment. The materials are cosy, homely, and often recycled, and sound-absorbing textiles provide comfort while setting colourful accents or emphasising a colour concept. Tones with an intensive colour intensity have a vibrant and spirit-lifting effect so golden yellow, burgundy, ash rose, and rich ochre form the expressive colour palette while black, white and grey set clear accents.
All three Paperworld Trends will be presented using products from exhibitors, show director Michael Reichhold said: “Trade visitors receive specific trend predictions with exhibitor and product information, guided tours and specialist presentations.”
Following growth in both exhibitor and visitor numbers in January 2018, Paperworld is further strengthening its position as a pioneer in the stationery sector for the 2019 outing as Messe Frankfurt are sharpening the focus on the Visionary Office and Stationery Trends with a new hall layout.
They expect more than 1,600 exhibitors from around 60 countries to present their new products on seven hall levels at the showgrounds in Frankfurt with the aim of offering a comprehensive range of products to trade visitors within Paperworld, which is co-located with complementary fairs Creativeworld, Christmasworld and Floradecora.

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