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Daniel makes Marion’s day

Retiring Spirito manager gets special message from Irish idol


SAYING goodbye is often a mix of happy and sad but for Spirito manager Marion McCloskey there was an extra smile with a special message from her idol Daniel O’Donnell.

The Irish singing star and TV personality is known for his great interaction with fans and responded straightaway after being contacted about Marion’s retirement from the award-winning Glasgow gifts and greetings shop last week following 13 years’ service.
Owner Denise Laird said: “We’re all going to missing Marion so so much as she has not only been a fantastic manager but a wonderful friend.
“Daniel, who Marion loves, sent a really lovely retirement message at her leaving night, which turned into a great wee party.
“Vicki, our sales agent, made the beautiful cake of Marion for the counter in the shop. All the staff, customers, our other sales agent Jenny, and shop neighbours in Broomhill came along and we had great fun with party props from Talking Tables.
“Thank you so much to everyone who came along to wish Marion well as she retires – we have the best customers!”

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