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Simon Elvin take over Grass Roots’ names

Publishers working out how to market well-loved verse and sentiment brand


WITH all trading names of Grass Roots International now under the Simon Elvin Ltd umbrella, the publishers are establishing exactly how they should marked this well-loved brand.

Known for their traditional verse and sentiment offer and great customer service, Grass Roots ceased trading on March 20 with the company due to be being liquidated tomorrow, Wednesday, April 10, but last week Simon Elvin Ltd revealed they had bought the design and verse rights and all trading names.
Simon (pictured), co-founder and MD of the company who also own Nigel Quiney Publications, Glick and Paper Rose along with the wholesale publishers Simon Elvin, told Greetings Today: “Grass Roots have always had a good reputation for their range of traditional designs and verses, and I feel that, as group, we are in a good position to utilise their design strengths in the future.
“I was very pleased to have the opportunity of recently purchasing the design and verse rights and all trading names of Grass Roots prior to the company going into administration.
“At present we are still discussing exactly how we should market their brand in the future.”
Having traded for 24 years, directors Rob Brown and Lisa Ardren were unsuccessful in their attempts to sell Carina Cards, the official name of Grass Roots and their Write From The Heart brand, following their struggles in the current economic climate.
Based in Liverpool, Lisa told Greetings Today “we’re both devastated” following the news of the company’s closure with the loss of all jobs, thought to be around 15 staff.
Parkin S Booth & Co were appointed to assist with the winding up of the business with Robert Rutherford handling the sale of their remaining stock. He can be contacted on 0151 236 4331.

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