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Consumers fear High St disappearance

Free parking and more staff ideas to make in-store shopping more accessible


MORE than 60 per cent of consumers are worried the High Street will completely disappear within the next decade due to the current rapid store closures – with parking charges and lack of staff their major complaints.

Retail Gazette reported that the new research by KIS Finance surveyed 1,000 Brits and found 61 per cent of them are worried, with northern cities such as Leeds and Glasgow hit far harder than their southern counterparts by the major store closures of the past year, including those announced already in 2019 such as Marks & Spencer,
KIS also discovered that consumers would be more likely to shop in-store if local High Streets had free parking and easy accessibility, and that 41 per cent of consumers want more staff to ensure the experience is quicker.
KIS MD Holly Andrews said: “It’s obvious from our research that people do still like going into store to shop, but it just isn’t as accessible as online shopping is.
“To save the high street many retailers need to ensure they are thinking innovatively about how to draw customers in with clearer in-store stock checks, more staff and extended hours during busy periods.
“The reason why so many retailers are struggling with their stores is because consumer shopping habits are changing and the High Street needs to change with it, creating a more community led atmosphere with more accessibility and variety for everyone.”
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