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David focuses on photos

Really Good owner sets up 150 online galleries from 90-country tour


GREETINGS entrepreneur David Hicks is turning to photography and launching online galleries to showcase his documentary-style images celebrating ordinary life across the globe.

Having travelled to more than 90 countries, the owner of Really Good and Soul focuses his photography on human beings and collecting moments to curate a series of images into stories.
Shot in both colour and black and white, the photographs have been taken in locations such as London, India, Peru, New York, Shanghai, and Puerto Rico, capturing stunning images of everyday situations people can relate to.
David has developed more than 150 galleries at from his travels including Escape From Machu Pichu photographing his experience of visiting the lost city of the Incas and navigating the exit signs, and A Rug’s Life shot over many years around the world to highlight the many lives and deaths of Middle Eastern rugs.
Having started Really Good with a £200 investment and built up a £4million gifts and greetings business selling to and sells to over 30 countries, David is now focusing on his longtime passion for photography.
What makes David’s work unique is Photomentary printing process where he uses different substrates to coincide with the specific project. These exhibitions include About An English Country Garde, which was printed on old English greenhouse glass and framed with distressed wood, and the Saris collection of photos taken in India and printed on sari silk.
David said: “I’ve always used photography as my creative outlet, while travelling I love finding unique and different ways to photograph everyday life.
“Wherever I am I’ll wander around the different towns and streets, capturing the moments that showcase how we live, and collecting moments of how different cultures go about their everyday lives.
“What I find fascinating are both the differences and similarities in how we live across the globe, after travelling to over 90 countries over 30 years. I want to show what I’ve captured by creating a number of different galleries that I hope people enjoy.”

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